When you become a Delta Zeta you join a sisterhood committed to service and giving. Many of us are here because we wanted to be a part of a group that gives back to its community through fund raising and volunteer work. As a Delta Zeta you are constantly presented with opportunities to help others.


The Starkey Hearing Foundation, dedicated to providing hearing aids to those who can't afford them in countries around the world.


Painted Turtle Camp, Delta Zeta's newest philanthropy adopted in 2006, is dedicated to providing a safe and inspiring environment for children with life-threatening illnesses to learn, grow, and have fun.


This past year:

 We raised over $17,000 for Delta Zeta's Philanthropic Partners, gave $8,000+ to other organizations, and volunteered a total of 4846.2 hours to volunteer projects around Denver!

For Delta Zeta, Philanthropy is not just a promise, it is a commitment that we all make and an aspect of our sisterhood that we all celebrate.

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